Welcome to L.W.J.E. De Mel Furniture
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About L.W.J.E. De Mel

Welcome to L.W.J.E. De Mel Furniture and Carpentry

L.W.J.E. De Mel is known for its specialty in transforming wooden creations into a fine art that blends into any lifestyle or interior with elegance and convenience. Wood is our passion, our forte and the art that we have mastered for generations.

We undertake the manufacturing and crafting of wooden furniture ranging from elegant dinning tables, to comfortable chairs to spacious closets, sturdy beds and so much more and also handle developing and supplying items needed for interior décor.

We pride ourselves in being able to transform the way people perceive wood. Our wooden creations are no longer considered as mere pieces of furniture but as a revelation of a lifestyle and eloquent statement of refined taste of the buyer.


80+ Years of Experience

Our history is as deep rooted and strong as the timbre we use. First established in Hatton in 1936, we’ve been the main Eastern suppliers in the country manufacturing and supplying furniture and wooden creations to the interiors of residential as well as commercial complexes of reputed establishments. Currently the Head Office is in Hatton as LWJE De mel Furnishing House while at Moratuwa Branch there is the LWJE De Mel Furniture Dealers.